Welcome to Disregard

Think about the bad customer experience. Chances are you can think of one right away. Maybe it was just yesterday. That’s a problem. Sure, the negative ones always outweigh the positive ones because anger leaves a greater mark than happiness.

And omg Seth Godin wrote about bad customer service back in 2007.

What could you change that would leverage the effort you’re already putting into it?

Disregard is the opportunity and time to finally weigh in on broken customer support and service systems. In a world where we can have AI and technology that makes us humans better at our jobs we seem to have left out customer service. Chatbots don’t count. They serve the illeterate, unknowledagbe, and stupid. They serve a purpose.

Anyways, welcome to Disregard with the demand for better, smarter customer support and service for the sake of humanity today and the future.

Who the heck is Derek?

It’s me, the one writing.

Ever since 2008 I’ve liked writing. When I had the chance to help run a popular blog about blogging (yeah, that was quite the scene back then) I felt powerful. My thoughts were out of my head and strangers, like you, responded.

Years would pass. Lots of dust on my blogs. Lots of canceled domain names. Very similar to Corbett Bar, I found myself liking to start things. This time around though and for the past couple of years I’ve been heads down doing freelance design work and building my first ever app as the product and brand designer.

Something was missing.

It’s been one month since I left customer service. I was in it for 10 years at Apple. Yes, the place where people come to buy new and get existing devices fixed. Customer service has become what I care about. I was on the frontline.

The commitment

Disregard marks my return to customer service. My return to writing on a consistent basis. No digital dust here. That is my commitment to myself and to you reading.

Expect to get something from me once a week. Probably on a Saturday too.

So, if you are curious as to what I’m thinking about when it comes to the state of customer support, then subscribe. If you’re frustrated by customer support, then also subscribe.

Join me and the rest of us who are tired of bad customer service in a time with good AI.


Derek Jensen
A former very experienced customer support team member.